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Biselé is an artist from Madrid circuit has begun his solo career and will soon introduce its first album called “Mil Razones”.
Biselé is a young singer-songwriter born in Gran Canaria and daughter of parents of Equatorial Guinea. He grew up listening to music of different styles and backgrounds. He is currently a member of Gospel Factory. He has done numerous performances in and out of Spain and has provided voices in studio and live for leading artists such as Pastora Soler, Marta Sánchez, Pitingo or Melendi.

“Mil Razones” is his first album with world music, from its black roots, draws on influences such as flamenco, jazz, soul, Latin music, and even ethnic folklore of Equatorial Guinea. In this work we have collaborated with artists such as Juan Carmona, Alain Pérez and Montse Cortes.

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