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The second edition of Madrid Music Days held in different locations in Madrid on 7 and 10 May 8.9 . Event which brings much of the electronic music industry and across different viewpoints raised various presentations were given.

As a listener during Wednesday and Thursday I attended conferences COAM .

Among the papers to which I was stressed in the new proposals Clubbing Scene phrases like ” innovate and adapt to what prompted the public. The room must adjust to changing styles and new styles .”

Or in planning for large events stayed with the slogan ” In a large festival has to be a balance on posters as artists are concerned. You can not always depend on the headliners . ”

Also shoulder the lecture of David Puente. He explained the keys to making a good presentation of a musical product media.

I was surprised that they had contact with the public DJs like Oscar de Riviera or Pelacha that raised the lack of courage of the artists currently in the capital.

And changing the location in the telephone building on Friday struck me the lecture on media and music where I feature phrases like ” I hardly danced in the clubs .”

These four-day closed with additional musical activities is appreciated and the electronics look with another point of view and not just business.

Fernando López Galán